There will be 3 days of much networking with PHP communities, many discoveries, lots of interaction, a sharing party.

+400 participants

During the event more than 400 developers from various locations in Brazil and even the world gathered to become better known in one of the biggest events of PHP in Latin America

+32 Talks

Come to know how the innovations of the PHP ecosystem, Good Practices, Tools and Technologies with more than 30 lectures and more than 26 relevant knowledge.

3 days

During 3 days we will have activities that go beyond the auditoriums: high level lectures, workshops, coffee breaks, panels, lectures, sponsor stands, community of communities, good music and much more.

4 coffee breaks

Activities that go beyond the auditoriums: In addition to lectures we will have moments of Coffee breaks, panels, keynotes, sponsor Stands, community space, good music and much more.

Make the Darkmira Tour PHP 2019 happen

Contribute, do your part and be fundamental to the growth of the PHP market in Brazil and make his brand be remembered as who made the Darkmira Tour PHP be what it is.

Our Sponsors

The partnership is strong, the support is sensational. Thanks to our sponsors for helping us make this event possible.

Sponsors Gold



Blackfire.io empowers PHP developers to continuously verify and improve their app’s performance in development, testing, staging and production. It makes it possible to drill down to function/method call level to understand and fix performance bottlenecks. Its wide variety of automation options makes it a breathe to add it to a development and testing workflow.

The Blackfire Player, a powerful Open Source Web Crawling, Web Tester, and Web Scraper enables teams to setup a fully automated testing pipeline.

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We are the fastest growing Technology Solutions company in Latin America, with offices across the main cities in LATAM and the US. We work providing end-to-end delivery for companies of all sizes, from startups to some of the biggest companies in the world. The heart of our work is Software Outsourcing, Testing and Operational Support which we provide through a service of fully managed teams that integrate seamlessly into your projects.

ETT Brasil

ETT Brasil

ETTBrasil is committed to helping organizations succeed with PHP. With 20 years of experience and certified experts, we help companies overcome challenges in the pursuit of increased maturity in the application development lifecycle. It is a representative of Blackfire and Rogue Wave Zend in Brazil and has more than 8,000 hours in consulting and support.



4Linux is a reference in IT services based on free and open source software. We are market leaders in linux and open software courses with a highly specialized team, we provide consulting services, support and PHP and Python development. With more than 50 different courses, more than 60,000 students trained, pioneer in bringing the LPI to Brazil and an innovative teaching methodology (IT Experience) 4Linux is a reference in Linux courses.

Sponsor Lanyard


Sponsor Diversity/Bus


Now it is your turn

Contribute, do your part and be fundamental to the growth of the PHP market in Brazil and make his brand be remembered as who made the Darkmira Tour PHP be what it is.

How about a special stuffed elephpant?

The 2019 edition is very special, for the first time ever we will have a plush ElePHPant exclusive to the Darkmira Tour PHP to support our diversity actions.


Exclusive Design

A First in Brazil

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