How about a special stuffed elephpant?

The 2019 edition is very special, for the first time ever we will have a plush ElePHPant exclusive to the Darkmira PHP Tour to support our diversity actions.


Exclusive Design

A First in Brazil

I drew and created the mascot elephpant...

I drew and created the mascot elephpant in 1998 on an autumn night. Since then, elePHPant has made its own way.

It is known and distributed in over 78 countries worldwide. What beautiful memories I still have of these pioneering years. I am so happy to have known this era when the two words "free" and "sharing" made sense in the PHP community.

And to pay tribute to these years of foundation I decided to exceptionally offer the value of my copyrights to Cyrille GRANDVAL for the launch of his special elePHPant from Brazil. This small, punctual gesture, hopefully, will allow your next event to be a real success! Thanks to Cyrille for embodying today the values that have made the success of PHP: Mutual support, solidarity and kindness. Long Live!


Special Edition Brazil ElePHPant

Known and distributed in more than 78 countries around the world, now is thime for the PHP communities of Brazil to have their own PHP plush.

100% of the profits of the sales will serve for actions of diversity of the event, such as:

Transportation of participants

Transportation of participants residing in the interior of the state of Cear√° and do not have financial means to get to the capital.

Free and exclusive course for women

An entirely free and exclusive PHP course for women who are starting their IT career, thus fostering their participation in the event.

Low-price ticket

Assist in lowering the price of tickets, making them more accessible.

Adopt an ElePHPant to be yours.

Help the event to be better than it already is, help the event become more and more comprehensive. Adopt an ElePHPant # DarkmiraTour / PHP Brazil right now.

ElePHPant only

R$ 100,00

  • 1 ElePHPant plush toy
  • Collect at the venue on the conference days
  • Delegate the ElePHPant collection if you can't attend
  • Does not give access to the event
Adopt your elePHPant
ElePHPant + Ticket

R$ 220,00

  • 1 ElePHPant
  • 2 days of talks
  • 4 Coffee Breaks
ElePHPant + Ticket

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